Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), a GOLD standard for CRD screening and diagnosis is costly and inaccessible - at community level - requires trained man power to conduct and requires trained pulmonologist to interpret the results. Hence PFT becomes a privileged test – Briota’s PFT In A Box™ makes PFT available, affordable and accessible for ALL.


Smoking including passive smoking accounts for as many as 8 out of 10 COPD-related deaths. Briota through it's program SAVE™ (Spirometry Assisted Virtually Early) not only helps with screening and diagnosis, but also creates awareness about risks of smoking. Our volunteers and trained technicians help people make healthier choices.


Briota has partnered with various organisations including MPBCDC to generate local employment opportunities especially for women in rural and tribal areas. Briota selects, trains and employs the local volunteers at village level to work with Briota's qualified PFT Technicians.

About Us

Briota is a For Profit Impact Startup on a global mission to complete 100 Million Lung Screenings !! Globally 1 out of 10 people and in fragile settings and in some countries in Asia and Africa 3 out of 10 people have some form of chronic respiratory disease (CRD). Research shows more than 75% or more cases of CRDs remain undiagnosed not diagnosed or very late diagnosed. Briota with it's PFT In A Box™ is making early screening and precise diagnosis of CRDs possible in Primary Care settings. Briota's PFT As a Service offering - Spirometry Assisted Virtually Early (SAVE™) is now established under the framework and guidelines of India's National Program on NCD - 2023-30.

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PFT In A Box™

  • Spirometer SpiroPRO®

  • Impulse Oscilometry IoSPRO™

  • Mobile app for screening

  • AI enabled GOLD CDSS

  • Remote Confirmation

PFT In A Box™ is an innovative and economical Point of Care Respiratory Diagnostics for screening and diagnosis of CRDs (Chronic Respiratory Diseases) such as Asthma, COPD and Post TB Lung Impairment. PFT In A Box™ includes India’s first Make In India AI First digital spirometer SpiroPRO® (for age group 12 to 70 years) and digital impulse oscillometer IoSPRO™ (for age group 2 to 99 years).

PFT In A Box™ is available on GeM Portal.

We understand the field level challenges of screening and diagnosis for CRDs. Hence we also offer a comprehensive PFT As A Service model under project SAVE™ Spirometry Assisted Virtually and Early.



  • 1. Assessment - Field Survey
  • 2. Screening-In Field
  • 3. Diagnosis Test - At PHC
  • 4. Confirmation Remote PFT Verification
  • 5. Clinical Examination & Treatment
  • 6. Teleconsultation
  • 7. Transport Assistance
  • 8. Weekly Exercise, yoga, smoking cessation and inhaler technique trainings
  • 9. Annual Follow Ups
  • 10. Patient Mobile app and Toll free help line

Spirometry Assisted Virtually and Early (SAVE) is a unique PFT As A Service offering for Primary Health care in India. This service is offered to National Health Mission, Corporates, Factories and Schools in partnership with various implementation partners and patrons such as MPBCDC, Rotary Club, Karuna Trust, Abhinandan Trust for field Implementation.


Briota’s PFT in a Box™ is designed and developed under Government of India’s Make In India initiative. Briota’s solutions and services are regulatory approved and aligned with National Program for NCD and it’s operational guidelines 2023-30.


Briota has won several national and international awards and grants including MIT Solve 2023, BIRAC, JanCare Government of India Top 20 Startup, ZS PRIZE Most Disruptive Healthcare Company 2023 and OPPI Most Innovative Medtech Startup 2021

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