Healthy Lungs Programme

Briota offers personalised programs for Asthama and Covid19 patients under the supervision of a Pulmonologo. Biota offers personalised programs for Asthma and Covid19 patients under the supervision of a Pulmonologist (Chest Specialist), working in tandem with their family doctor and with active participation of family members Pending image

  • SiA Coaches are the qualified Respiratory Therapists, Yoga Experts, Emotional Wellness Experts, Physiotherapists and Nutritionists
  • AI first SiA Platform that includes mobile apps & IoT Devices (Personal Spirometer and Smart Inhaler)

Spirometry At Home Service (SAHS)

The cutting-edge diagnostics lab in your living room.

AI / ML Powered Connected IOT Devices


CDSCO Approved

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 13485 Certified

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Briota’s Spirometry at Home Service is offered through personalised plans tailored to your individual needs.
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