Briota Digital Health Company


We are a digital health and wellness company committed to innovating tech solutions for remote care, diagnostics and management for chronic respiratory conditions. With a range of cutting-edge tech solutions tailored to both patients and doctors, we seek to simplify the treatment and monitoring of conditions like Asthma and COPD, by making them accessible and affordable to all. Our intuitive solutions arm patients and caregivers around the world with accurate real-time data right at home, allowing more informed decisions, sharper analysis and better adherence to medication schedules.

Our AI first approach aims to simplify the diagnostics and lifecycle management ofChronic Respiratory Ailments in a post Covid-19 world.

Our Team

Even now, our teams are hard at work, poised at the cusp of the next big breakthrough in remote lung diagnostics. To join us on our journey, please check the list of openings below.

Gajanan Sakhare
Shardul Joshi
Aditi Samudra Pais
Irfan Shaikh
Strategy & Operations
Viraj Vaidya
Healthcare Partnership
Sameer Parihar
Project Manager
Vikas Sawarkar
AI & ML ,Digital Technology
Ashwin Naik
Business Mentor,India
Morten Albrechtsen
Partner, EU Market