Reclaim the power to breathe free!


Critical access to accurate diagnoses. Right at home!

1. Diagnose

Stay a step ahead of your condition with regular lung function tests. Conducted within minutes in the comfort of your home, SpiroPRO’s CDSCO approved tests are accurate to laboratory standards and provide you with crucial real-time data about your lung health.

2. Monitor

The unique ability to monitor treatment progress and identify patterns within your condition, helps you to better adhere to medication schedules, while taking precautions against known environmental triggers, be it weather, dust or pollen.

3. Connect and Share

Connect and share test results with your doctors instantaneously, empowering your care team to make better decisions, from adjusting medication to spotting potential red flags.


Help is always close at hand.

It’s literally at your fingertips, in fact. Our dedicated smartphone app NEHA assists you, your doctors and your caregivers at every step - often addressing concerns you may never even have considered.

From setting up appointments with NEHA respiratory coaches, to coordinating with your doctors and care team; from collating test results, to even helping ensure you take your medication on time, NEHA makes sure you have all the help you need, exactly when you need it.

Inhaler PROTM

Our ground-breaking Inhaler PROTM device makes your regular inhaler… smarter.

Your inhaler is now able to interact with the NEHA app to log things like usage statistics, frequency and adherence to dosage guidelines. Regular reports help you take control of managing your Asthma, identifying key triggers and understand what works best for you.


BreathPRO is a mechanical lung exerciser to improve your lung capacity

Mechanical Lung Exerciser works on principle of resistance breathing. Resistance breathing helps reduce mucous in airways and clear them if they are partially blocked over the years because of pollution. medical conditions such as asthma/COPD or other respiratory ailments